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Why do some tournaments still run Love Max over this newer version?

It has been reported that the PC port of Six Stars drops inputs on local play. The game seems to clear a player's buffer based on the buttons released by the other player. For example, if player 1 had a j.C buffered to come out at the earliest possible moment and player 2 released the C button right before player 1, player 1's j.C would no longer come out. It also happens when player 2 releases the button while player 1's button is in the buffer but before it starts. Here's a video replicating the bug (credits to Excalibur).

How can I contribute to the wiki?

In order to get an account on Mizuumi, please refer to the instructions on the getting started page. Once you have an account, please take a look at the character template page and see if all current pages are adhering to it. Adding combos, proof-checking frame data entries, expanding the Overview sections, all constructive contributions are much appreciated.

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