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Current Version: SP1 (Original Site)
Current ABKcaster: May 4th, 2009
English config.exe: Here (Don't forget to set its compatibility to Windows 2000)
IRC Channel @ irc.mizuumi.net, #poverty
Discord Server Here,
Developer's Site: SUBTLE STYLE
Blitzkampf Homepage: アカツキ電光戦記 Akatsuki BK
Ausf.Achse Homepage: アカツキ電光戦記Ausf.Achse
BBS for bug reports: アカツキ掲示板

Akatsuki Denkou Senki Is a 2-D Versus Doujinshi Fighting game released on April 30th, 2007 and developed by SUBTLE STYLE. The game is set notably in a fictional future involving several characters that roughly resemble the German soldiers of the World War II era. Ingame visuals supplement this sort of specific militaristic theme and environment, portrayed by the flat, cubism-esque character portraits and story sequence images. Blitzkampf is also a follow-up to a previous SUBTLE STYLE release from 2003 called Akatsuki Shisei Ichigo, involving many of the characters from the current game.

In terms of Blitzkampf's playstyle, it is regarded that it feels relatively 'old-school' in comparison to many of the other doujin fighter releases, as many of the systems and conventions in the game are rather similar to several late 90's era fighting games created by Capcom. A specific example many players allude to is the parry system, resembling the ones from the Street Fighter III installments. The gratuitous amount of extra modes (such as Survival, Time Attack, or SUGOROKU) the game provides and how they are unlocked is largely reminiscent of a console release of an arcade fighting game, further reinforcing the semi-retro feel.

This wiki was created to serve as a collection of information for the game, hopefully to provide additional knowledge not only to the Blitzkampf players that are already part of the community, but to also assist newcomers.

For discussions, visit the IRC Channel, the Akatsuki Blitzkampf threads on Shoryuken forums (thread one, two), the Akatsuki Denkou Senki thread on Dustloop forums or the Discord server

Wiki Roadmap

If you want to help with hurtbox images, please contact Kaiden#5119 on Discord for consistency instructions.

10.5% complete
In Progress / Completed To-do
  • Character pages 2.0!
    • Akatsuki:
      • His moveset is illustrated, but lacks hurtbox info. Leave this one on me. (1%)
      • Story mode has a translation, but it's rough one.
    • Sai:
      • Moveset is complete! (2%)
      • Strategy session somewhat lacking. Someone experient on him, please pick it up!
    • Murakumo:
      • Moveset is complete! (2%)
      • Combo section is lacking deeply. Murakumo mains, rejoice!
    • Adler:
      • Story section is complete, and his character summary is rewritten! (1.25%)
      • Move images are with me, I just gotta upload them.
  • Character Pages revamped (80%):
    • Every single character has moveset described in a list. Change for the AttackData-ABK template. (25% | 2% per character | 3/12 complete! )
    • Revamp some character strategies, see if there's a few needing some extra work. (25% | 2% per character | 1/12 complete!)
    • Upload arcade mode images, both intro and ending ones; (15% | 1.25% per character | 1/12 complete!)
    • Translations, translations translations; Character stories (only Akatsuki has a (((roughly!))) translated story) and game intro are heavily desired. (15% | 1.25% per character | 1/12 done)
  • Information pages revamped (20%):
    • With the coming of translated character stories, a Lore page would be desired. Hopefully, this could be repurposed from the Glossary page. (5%)
    • Netplay info is somewhat overblown with the many different versions and alternatives. ABKCaster, while lacking, is the only truly reliable alternative, and the page should be rewritten with it considered. (5%)
    • Netplay Hosting Guide: a big plan of mine. Most people come to the Discord wanting to host - and more hosts we need! - though clueless with how routers and port forwarding works. This is fine, I myself had to learn what I know to port forward mine, but it's great if I could forward (heh) this knowledge in a step-by-step guide on getting ABKCaster hosting working. (if only we could get a caster with no need for port forwarding... jelly of the MBAACC guys.) (5%)
    • Does the FAQ need work? I think it needs work.
    • Main page could use some information of the new games (Ausf. Achse and En-Eins Perfektewelt), since as of now they don't really need wikis of their own. Speaking of Ausf. Achse...
    • In anticipation of the upcoming ABKAA PC port, scalability onto that should be considered, as to not need an entirely new Wiki for a game that's pretty much the same. For now, I think of character subpages going into more detail of their changes in AA (looking at you, Marilyn) and an information page skimming through most of the changes in AA. (5%)

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